Thursday, November 16, 2017

3 Customer Service Trends Expected for 2018 and Beyond

These 3 takeaways are from a well written article on the Agility PR site.

* In a customer service survey, only 19 percent of respondents trust completely what brands say on their website. Instead, they rely on reviews on other sites to provide honesty. These will be sites such as TrustAdvisor or G2Crowd.

* Most customers will only tolerate a 1-hour response window. This is regardless of how they reach out (social media, web chat or web contact form).

* Customers are online from early morning until after 10pm. This will likely start to shape new hours of operations for social media and customer service departments and/or increase the use of other digital properties like messenger bots.

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Friday, November 03, 2017

Zendesk: Creating a great customer experience during the holidays

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In a Zendesk Research survey, they found that ticket volumes can increase as much as 42% over the holidays. To help keep the annual flurry of customer inquiries manageable, they compiled a list of tips that’ll help your team deflect more tickets and keep holiday CSAT scores high (all of which are capable with the Zendesk platform)

1. Build a list (and check it twice)
2. Bring the gift of self-service (to your site or mobile app) 
3. Bots… the new elves in your support workshop 
4. Chat your way to a few more holiday sales
5. A few more gifts under the tree

Of course, you can also explore the integrated ticketing solution bolstered by Virtual Observer and Zendesk

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Monday, June 05, 2017

Virtual Observer unveils Cisco MediaSense Call Recording Replacement Program

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program is making it incredibly logical for Cisco MediaSense customers to transition seamlessly to a full WFO environment by replacing the MediaSense recording licenses at a discounted price as well as offering the first year of maintenance at no charge. 
Included with the Virtual Observer recording license is a complete suite of quality monitoring features including interaction scoring and evaluation, performance and trending reporting with dashboard analytics, agent portal with e-learning, as well as the VO Live set of agent assistance tools, which offer real-time agent screen monitoring, chat assistance and supervisor screen control. The solution also offers agent webcam recording and monitoring for additional performance coaching.

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